Check Out Our Paper Published in Materials Chemistry and Physics

Title : Towards bi-functional all-solid-state supercapacitor based on nickel hydroxide-reduced graphene oxide composite electrodes


Check Out Our Paper Published in Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers

ETitle: Electromechanical properties of embedded multifunctional energy storage composite with activated carbon fiber/PVDF gel electrolyte


Check Out Our Paper Published in ACS

Title : Impact of Acetate Additive of PbO2 Plating and Oxygen Evolution in Soluble Lead Flow Batteries


Congratulations Man-Chen Huang finished Thesis Defense

Title : Simulation Guided All-Solid-State Hybrid Capacitor Based on RVC/MnO2//AC with Boosted Power and Energy Density


Congratulations Yong-Hong Lai finished Thesis Defense

Title : Performance Enhancement of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries by Functionalized Carbon Nanotube and Lignin/Carbon Nanotube Composite Protection Layer


Congratulations Ho-Wei Chan finished Thesis Defense

Title : Flash Sintering Mechanism Exploration and Application to Dental  Utilization

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